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Do you need simple day-to-day bookkeeping services? Someone to handle only the more detailed aspects of year-end financials? Or a full blown financial package that keeps you on track from receipts to final closing? Whatever your needs may be, Greenlight Financial looks forward to filling those duties for you.

We can assist with the following, and more:


You have the expertise needed for your unique business niche. That may or may not extend to a full and comfortable knowledge of often complicated tax and financial laws. Even if you have the knowledge needed, do you have the time to take away from your core business to handle these basic administrative needs? Don’t worry- you have Greenlight to take this off your hands.

Payroll is a critical part of any business, but also one of the single largest expenses [and non-revenue-generating activities] a business has to undertake. Mistakes on payroll can not only land you in hot water with the government, but staff that feel cheated on pay will be resentful and less likely to work in the business’s best interests.

Likewise, a failure to control cash flow within the business is the number one downfall of smaller enterprises. Let Greenlight Financial’s skilled team handle your payables and receivables to ensure you stay on top of everything. We can also help you integrate your QuickBooks accounting package into every aspect of your business to assist with automating financial procedures.

Financial reporting is a critical aspect of the bookkeeping and accounting cycle, and without accurate reports you and investors cannot make the critical informed business decisions you need to foster growth and success. Greenlight can assist with this, and help you make the most of your corporate structure too.

International clients, whether moving to the U.S or based overseas permanently, can add another hiccup to the business process. Ensuring compliance with cross-border regulations and two countries’ tax processes can seem like a headache- but remember we’re here to guide you through the process.

No one enjoys taxes. Rushed submittal by overworked small-business owners is, however, one of the major causes of them losing out on deductions and other legitimate business allowances. Don’t lose out on money that could remain in the business fostering growth- let us assist your with this critical financial preparation.

Green Light Financial Miami

We specialize in providing customized accounting and bookkeeping solutions for small-to-medium businesses. We go beyond the usual back-office duties to support businesses with needs, from corporate structuring, payroll, corporate taxes, quickbooks, to providing advice for international clients looking to make a move to the U.S. Give us the greenlight to handle your back office, and we will give you the time to focus on managing the core of your business.

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